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Rlearning solution is a learning and development service provider company, Delivering training in leading technologies such as Windows Infrastructure, Virtualization, Cloud Computing, Business Intelligence, ERP, DevOps, and More.

We have strong experience to deliver the training as per the industry needs. We have Partnerships with leading vendors and organizations like Microsoft, Comptia, and many other IT vendors. Our Expert instructors are Vendor certified and train on advanced technology courses to provide high-end IT solutions.

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Trained 5000+ Professionals

17+ Years of Experiences

100+ Certified Trainers

50+ Corporates Clients

Authorized Partners

RLearning solution combines Theory and Practice effectively

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Authorized Training Partners

We are proud to be an authorized training partner to deliver Authorized courses

Delivered by Certified Trainers

Certified Trainers are the Premier Technical and Instructional experts in specific Technologies

Custom Made Learning

We build and deliver the customized courses and workshops based on requirements.

Trained with 4 stage Approach

To provide effective learning, RLS Trainers will use a 4-stage Approach in their training

Authorized Partnership


My name is Senthil Kumar with and industry experience of 12 years. I have known Rlearning Solution and Mr.Sundar for the past 1 year and we have had multiple pieces of training with Rlearning Solution for various technologies. Rlearning Solution can bring the right technology straight to your plate and passion for training is the key to Rlearning solution’s success. Trainers in Rlearning Solution bring their vast experience in framing real-time scenarios and tilts more towards gearing a practical oriented training. Further Trainers patience and coordination with the trainees add more feathers to their cap

Senthil Kumar


Starting with my huge thanks and congratulations to Rlearning Solution. I am Balaji, I joined the Azure Administration course (cloud fresher) a few years ago in R-Learning. The instructor is technically strong in all (MS products) and he helped me in all aspects to understand what is cloud and other providers with all services. I completed certification within a month and got a good hike also... I am a big fan of his screenplay... The way how he s taking the course is brilliant...Appreciating for his effort. Now coming to the main point... After completion of Azure admin, I did the Azure Architect, AWS Architect course with the same Training Organization Rlearning Solution. Currently working in Top MNC as a Cloud Architect. I strongly recommend who are all looking for a Cloud Platform, please join RLEARNING Solution and grow your career.



The training was very professional. The lab and course content was very useful and informative. The trainer is very knowledgeable with a lot of experience in this industry.



The session was really good..the method of teaching and giving personal attention to each and every student is appreciated... Previously I attended the AWS session so have cleared Idea about how efforts you will put to transfer your knowledge so even if it is online training your way of teaching and efforts to improve the skillset is the same .. thank you once again



Thank you for conducting the session, it was interesting and easy to understand the concepts as well. It will improve our skills and it will improve us to go next level in career



I am a beginner at Azure... All five days of boot camp went very well.. the way the Trainer handled the sessions was awesome... He explained the concepts very clearly with real-time examples which makes the topic so understanding... It was a very interactive session the questions asked at the beginning and end of the sessions will recall all the topics which we studied. It was an online class and not even feel like it was... clarifying the doubts was really superb... It was so helpful for those who try to switch technologies and learn Cloud... At the end of the boot camp, I understood all the concepts and modules in azure... Thanks for a nice knowledge sharing...

Raja Mahendran


I am a beginner at Microsoft Azure Technology. Very Nice Trainer loud and Clear Explanation, the way the trainer handles the session was Awesome, attending Azure with Trainer in Rlearning Solution is Worth it.


Expo2020, Dubai

Thanks for the training provided by RLearning solution. It was really worth attending the session. Excellent training and very thankful for the knowledge the trainer has provided. Took personal effort and clarified all our doubts. Thank you very much for the Training. Training materials, labs, challenge labs, and also Practice Tests are really helpful.



Trainer in Rlearning solution have provided complete Course and MS handbook and extremely helpful when we stuck with some queries during the training I am studying with him for the last couple of courses coz he is such a good trainer and make ppl understand the concepts crisp n clear It is more interactive and the trainer keeps asking whether everyone understands the concepts and if we are stuck on something he will explain the concepts and ensure everyone understands the concepts

Cheenu Raju


The course was good and Rlearning Solution have provided material and labs which was very helpful In the space below, please provide any additional comments you may have regarding the Instructor. The trainer was too good and the provided content was clear and crisp during the training


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